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Do you remember that first time you held a kaleidoscope to your eye and beheld a brilliant burst of color and form ? And then, with just the slightest movement, the image was gone – fleeting as time itself – but replaced with yet another vista just as breathtaking.
Reflections Kaleidoscopes is a unique gallery of American Handcrafted Kaleidoscopes complemented by an environment of American produced Art Glass, Mirrors and Glass Jewelry. Located at 10400 Kasten Street in the historic village of Mendocino, California … it is the continuation and down sizing of one of America’s Top Retailer of American Crafts, and one of Mendocino’s leading Craft Gallery, the Melting Pot for nearly the past 30 years. Reflections Kaleidoscopes is an active retail member of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society.

The new name and location amplifies the exclusive presentation of Kaleidoscopes. The artists whose scopes you’ll find at Reflections Kaleidoscopes represent the finest craftspeople in the world. Their passion for Kaleidoscopes is matched only by their skill in creating them …

Whether you are a longtime collector, just a beginner, or simply an admirer of the form, magic and beauty of the Kaleidoscopes; we invite you to spend some time with us, learn more about Kaleidoscopes; visit our online gallery, meet our artists. Enjoy…

Have fun and Happy Colors !

      Skip MacLaren
When you see and find that beautiful Kaleidoscope, Art Glass, Mirror or Jewelry you just cannot live without, simply contact us so that we can provide you with the best possible personalized shopping experience. We are here most days of a week from 11:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific Time. We will discuss your needs and verify your order by e-mail and advise you of what additional charges, if any, may apply. You then simply reply by e-mail and we will proceed as you direct.

Collectors and kaleidoscope lovers all over the world have come to appreciate the selection of scopes we offer, as well as our impeccable customer service and personal attention in packing and shipping these rare treasures.




Reflections Kaleidoscopes

will be closing - January 1, 2016


Scopes over $ 1000.00 -  70% OFF

    Please call / e-mail for availability    ALL SALES FINAL ! 707-937-0173, / cell 707-357-0984

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Featured Artist
Kaleidoscopes-Henry Bergeson
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Mirrors/other-Angie Heinrich
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Art Glass-Brenda Griffith
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Jewelry-Kevin & Deborah Healy
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